Limitless growth, limited patience

Sektor Gaza- Ya Ustal — May 14, 2015

Sektor Gaza- Ya Ustal

Sadly the Quest Pistols song of the same title is not in fact a cover.

Leonardo Boff: “The capitalist culture is contrary to life and happiness” — May 13, 2015

Leonardo Boff: “The capitalist culture is contrary to life and happiness”

“Let us quickly review some of its characteristics: the end goal of life is to accumulate material goods through unlimited growth produced by limitless exploitation of all natural resources, by marketing everything and by financial speculation, all realized with the least possible investment, seeking to obtain the greatest possible profit, through efficiency, and within the shortest possible time. The motor is competence, stimulated by commercial publicity; the final beneficiary is the individual; the promise is happiness in a purely crass materialistic context.”

I would recommend pretty much any of his writings to absolutely everyone. This courageous man is a hero and a treasure to us all.

It’s hilariously ironic that the West calls the other ‘ignorant’ — May 9, 2015
Music: Пастырь – Христос Анести —

Music: Пастырь – Христос Анести

There’s a beautiful new Finnish film called ‘Metalhead’ which apparently deals with spirituality and its reconciliation to the titular person’s musical tastes. In the meantime, I give you: Orthodox metal. While I’m now less of a metal fan as I was in high school, this is the kind of thing I fucking live for.

There’s a false cultural dichotomy where religious people are seen as frivolously bland, not-too-bright bubbleheads while atheists are seen as BADASS and intelligent DEEP, dark Christopher Nolan-loving souls man. I think this is laughable b.s.- if anything, religious faith is inherently deep and intellectual whereas atheism is shallow and bland. What could be more deep and intellectual than believing in an abstract totality without any material proof? Or “the life of the flesh is in the blood”?

Of course, our secular culture’s notion of ‘spiritual music’- see: New Age- is light and airy like something you could listen to in the elevator. Hell, no. I could never get into gospel because I think the depth and hardness of metal is deeply appropriate for the theological context.

The hammer and sickle is the sword turned into ploughshare — May 8, 2015

The hammer and sickle is the sword turned into ploughshare

Andre Vltchek has a beautiful piece on today’s Counterpunch on the Russian soul. The people of the ‘evil’ USSR, he recounts, renounced earthly goods and fought relentlessly to help and protect the poor and oppressed. The sacrifices made by this great people for the benefit of humanity are extraordinary.

“The Western chauvinists and xenophobes are now fighting for control over the planet, even for their own survival. Unless they divide Russia, China and Latin America, they are finished. They know it! Unless they smear all that is pure and optimistic about the nations resisting their monstrous regime, their days are numbered.


On May 9 1945, the entire world changed. Humanity began moving forward, again. Slowly, unevenly, often making terrible blunders, and detours, but forward nevertheless! Colonial shackles began breaking. People on all continents were dreaming again, about true freedom, equality and the brotherhood of men. That beautiful red flag flying from the roof of the Reichstag in Berlin made these dreams possible.

The Soviet people proved that human dignity and freedom are worth any sacrifice. The Victory Ode was written with their blood, in the most generous way, so it could inspire and shape generations to come!

But the greed and nihilism of the West refused to die. Its obsession with controlling and plundering the world reached an unimaginable peak. All the forces of the Empire were mobilized. Light and hope were confronted by darkness and cynicism. Beautiful and pure dreams were antagonized by corruption. In an orgy of dirty tricks and deceives, the Soviet Union was destroyed.”

The Russians are a great, compassionate people. Marxist-Leninism is a true embodiment of the Word, of the Love of the Lord. The fact that the USA, a violent oligarchy and rogue state that has thrived off attacking and destroying weaker nations  while maintaining a plutocratic society driven by greed and lust continues to demonize Russia while calling itself ‘Christian’ is literally straight out of a  Lars von Trier film.

One cannot live without totality — May 7, 2015

One cannot live without totality

Baudrillard’s “On Nihilism”: “The apocalypse is finished, today it is the precession of the neutral and of indifference.”

All of this evokes Kurt Cobain. I would also mention Kevin Smith’s original Clerks and Quentin Tarantino’s earlier works – Res Dogs and Pulp Fiction. I would argue these are still great films, they are meaningful films which cannot be said of the deeply mediocre and inconsequential later output of each respectively. This text was written in approx. 1981. The contempt and disapproval of the young does not render Baudrillard irrelevant or stupid, he is undertaking a critical responsibility: to admonish sinners .

an exceptional historical development- very few are willing to criticize post-postmodernity in this way. vcs  have no such contempt and disapproval for the young white techbros. white men, provided they are committed technofetishists and Mammonists are rewarded and praised for their smugness and precociousness .

The  iteration of postmodernity discussed by Baudrillard retained elements of the modern, yes, Kurt Cobain was strongly god-haunted. Facebook is not god-haunted, it is a scattered multiplicity of meaninglessness. The technofetishists have built their own grand narrative around  scientism but theirs is a nihilism without cynicism, a meaningless without nuance or intelligence.  What they have retained of the postmodern is its shallowness and ugliness. The Pulp Fiction and Matrix of 2015 are Buzzfeed listicles and apps. The startup is the expression of the post-postmodern in its ugliest and most atheistic yet.

And Morozov, Morozov. What would we ever do without you, you inveterate Belarusian pessimist?

“the will to power—even backed up by stunningly sophisticated technology—never finally solves our difficulties, that it, in point of fact, makes things worse.” — May 5, 2015

“the will to power—even backed up by stunningly sophisticated technology—never finally solves our difficulties, that it, in point of fact, makes things worse.”

While the mainstream critics are terrified to publish anything less than glowing about ugly CGI-fest neoliberal masscult products such as “Avengers: Rise of Lowbrow Clusterfuckery ad Infinitum”  lest they provoke the wrath of the fanboy neckbeard hordes, the always incredible Father Robert Barron has published a brilliant critique of this mess, specifically focusing on its ideological neoliberalism and technofetishism. Evokes one of the other rare honest reviews on… that dark, dark mountain.

Further affirmation that the true left is the religious left.