There’s a provocative, moving observation hidden away in a footnote in the ecosocialist classic The Enemy of Nature. Joel Kovel is brilliant and a true radical who has been somewhat latent lately. It’s a shame- although not surprising- that the academic establishment has attempted to silence him, mainly due to his aversion to imperialist state violence and white supremacy. His voice is still much needed. He was ostensibly secular while producing most of his output but his work abounds in hints/overtones that foreshadow  his conversion later in life:

From The Enemy of Nature.

“Commodity production expands human capability, but by introducing the germ of exchange, also becomes the serpent in the edenic arrangement noted above.”

Footnote to above passage: “Could this be the hidden meaning of the fall? One should not be too hasty, for a pre-economic life of pure utilization is not free of aggression or ambivalence, though it does lack expansive and cancerous implications.”

Jovel has too much subtlety and intellectual discernment to take this suggestion and run with it, but it’s implications are pretty potent. See also Roland Boer’s essay on the fall analogy for capital: