So, it looks like undeniably Terrible Person, is getting the Dogville treatment. To be honest, it’s completely understandable that the left isn’t particularly upset about this and the right is pretty fucking gleeful. I want to punch him in his ugly, smug fucking face whenever I see its photo. I mean, my knee-jerk reaction is that the punishment doesn’t go far enough, this guy should have every Eli Roth film recreated on him.

But this also doesn’t sit well in the context of the USA, a country that regularly bombs thousands of innocent people in the Middle East with flying robots. Lest anyone forgets, USA also thinks being black deserves a death penalty. As much as I fucking hate this guy, this still seems pretty damn rich considering that the USA is a terrorist state that is responsible for exponentially more deaths and mutilations- internationally and among its own- than this one guy. I give you Ranciere in 2002:

“The ultimate consequences of the excess of ethics over law and politics is the paradoxical constitution of an individual’s absolute right whose rights have, in fact, been absolutely negated. This individual actually appears as the victim of an infinite Evil against which the fight is itself infinite. This is the point at which the one defending the victim’s rights inherits absolute right.

The unlimited feature of the wrong perpetrated against the victim justifies his counsel’s unlimited right. American reparation for the absolute crime perpetrated against American lives has brought the process to its culmination. The obligation of attending to the victims of absolute Evil has become identical to the fight without limits against this evil. And this is identified with deploying unlimited military power, acting like a police force in charge of restoring order to every part of the world where Evil can find shelter. This military power is also a legal one, exercising the mythical power of Vengence in hot pursuit of Crime against all alleged accomplices of infinite Evil.”

The West moreover needs to take responsibility for the  massive economic, political and social damage it has inflicted on the so-called Third World. Kyrgyzstan was a functional, stable country with a sound economy before the horrible tragedy of perestroika. While the Central Asian Soviet republics blossomed and prospered under the Kremlin, USA has left the third world in a horrible state of disarray. The USSR supported and created strong infrastructure, universities, opera and museums in the Central Asian republics. USA has done anything to deter democracy in the Middle East, additionally bombing the fuck out of it, supporting violent militant groups and destroying its cultural integrity.

If I thought about justice in the way the USA does would think they had it coming. But Ranciere again “unlimited right is identical to non-right.” Ideology, like Logos isn’t about doing what you want, or even about what is logically right. The strongest defenders against infinite justice are those on the religious left, such as Sister Helen Prejean and  Thich Nhat Hanh:

Their radical grace and compassion is a beautiful alternative.