There’s a beautiful new Finnish film called ‘Metalhead’ which apparently deals with spirituality and its reconciliation to the titular person’s musical tastes. In the meantime, I give you: Orthodox metal. While I’m now less of a metal fan as I was in high school, this is the kind of thing I fucking live for.

There’s a false cultural dichotomy where religious people are seen as frivolously bland, not-too-bright bubbleheads while atheists are seen as BADASS and intelligent DEEP, dark Christopher Nolan-loving souls man. I think this is laughable b.s.- if anything, religious faith is inherently deep and intellectual whereas atheism is shallow and bland. What could be more deep and intellectual than believing in an abstract totality without any material proof? Or “the life of the flesh is in the blood”?

Of course, our secular culture’s notion of ‘spiritual music’- see: New Age- is light and airy like something you could listen to in the elevator. Hell, no. I could never get into gospel because I think the depth and hardness of metal is deeply appropriate for the theological context.