Baudrillard’s “On Nihilism”: “The apocalypse is finished, today it is the precession of the neutral and of indifference.”

All of this evokes Kurt Cobain. I would also mention Kevin Smith’s original Clerks and Quentin Tarantino’s earlier works – Res Dogs and Pulp Fiction. I would argue these are still great films, they are meaningful films which cannot be said of the deeply mediocre and inconsequential later output of each respectively. This text was written in approx. 1981. The contempt and disapproval of the young does not render Baudrillard irrelevant or stupid, he is undertaking a critical responsibility: to admonish sinners .

an exceptional historical development- very few are willing to criticize post-postmodernity in this way. vcs  have no such contempt and disapproval for the young white techbros. white men, provided they are committed technofetishists and Mammonists are rewarded and praised for their smugness and precociousness .

The  iteration of postmodernity discussed by Baudrillard retained elements of the modern, yes, Kurt Cobain was strongly god-haunted. Facebook is not god-haunted, it is a scattered multiplicity of meaninglessness. The technofetishists have built their own grand narrative around  scientism but theirs is a nihilism without cynicism, a meaningless without nuance or intelligence.  What they have retained of the postmodern is its shallowness and ugliness. The Pulp Fiction and Matrix of 2015 are Buzzfeed listicles and apps. The startup is the expression of the post-postmodern in its ugliest and most atheistic yet.

And Morozov, Morozov. What would we ever do without you, you inveterate Belarusian pessimist?