Yes, indeed. Here is the wonderful Rev. William E. Alberts’s piece today on white America’s God Complex.

I would amend his points slightly, since in my opinion America has never been a Christian nation. Terry Eagleton tells us that “advanced capital is inherently agnostic.” Since America is lacking in a single unifying ideology that would form a sense of fraternity America has always had elements of postmodernity- ‘free speech’ meaning a multiplicity of unequally prevalent metanarratives- which accounts for its inherent superficiality and fragmentedness. It has never followed the teachings of Jesus Christ, for example, but it has confined its various cultures to their own variety of gods. The white male elite belong to the polytheistic cult that worships the self on one hand and on the other Mammon.

Of course, it is secularism and the requisite disenchantment that characterizes the American immanent sphere and aesthetic-sensory economy- Times Square, the decrepit roads and bridges, the food courts, the Wal-Marts. Yes- America is not secular in terms of ideology, but rather comparable with the idolatrous Roman religious cults.  Such is their hubris that they want to be gods, having forgotten that God once became a man.