While I’m personally opposed to murder or anything involving the mutilation of human bodies, I also acknowledge that in upholding that ethic, my side is inevitably going to lose. Which is why I’ve pretty much resigned to defeat, because in this particular set of circumstances most other opt . Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance” is always worth a visit.

But there are gray areas, case in point being the destruction of property, the tactic commonly employed by ecodefense groups.

On that note, Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith are both pretty insightful. While DGR is known for rejecting the ethic of nonviolence altogether, I feel pretty strongly that a procedure of praxis that involves relegating their proposed methods to property destruction has great potential.

And since this wouldn’t be a post on this topic without egregious quotations from others:

“The left has often operated on the smug or sentimental belief that nonviolence works only by personal, moral example. It doesn’t.”

“.Against power, only force works. Progressives have repeatedly refused to understand that, from the abolitionists who thought that a pending spiritual transformation would end slavery, to Gandhi writing a letter to Hitler asking him to stop (and then being shocked when it didn’t work)”

– Lierre Keith, in Deep Green Resistance